Top 5: best Android applications

I’ve been using my HTC Hero Android phone for about 2 months now,
so it is time to make a round-up of my best Android applications so far.
Android Market contains about 18000 applications now.

Barcode Scanner

This application is just a simple barcode scanner, it scans a lot of barcode types, including QR-codes (which appear in this post).
These codes can contain a lot of info, mostly URL’s. You find them more and more in advertising campaigns.
This application can also be integrated in other applications, to pass barcode values to them.
The interface is simple and user friendly, enabling you to quickly scan your barcodes.


This application enables you to identify the music that is played in your environment.
The iPhone version of this application was already a success, now there is an Android version of this amazing app.
On the iPhone, you have to pay for it, but the Android version is still free.
You can store the recognized songs as “tags” for later use.


This application offers a lot of features:
Play movies and music files on your pc.
Play movies and music from your pc on your phone
Control the desktop’s mouse with your Android phone’s touchscreen.
Control keyboard input with your phone’s touch keyboard.
All you have to do is install the Gmote Server on your pc and add your favourite music or movie folders.
In the settings of the server application, you specify a password, which has to be used on the phone application.
The good thing about the application is that it uses Wifi to connect to Gmote server, so you can control your pc from a very long distance.


There are already a lot of Twitter applications in Android market, but the big killer app is not there yet, if you asked me.
For the moment, I am using Swift om my HTC Hero. The UI could be better, but the application offers the functionality I expect from a Twitter client and above all: it works very smoothly.
You can scroll endlessly through your Twitter timeline, but also the “Jump to now” feature is interesting.
Notifications of tweets, mentions and direct messages can be configured easily.
You can also look up profiles and search on Twitter. The application enables you to save your Twitter searches.
It is possible to add images and videos to your post, choosing the upload service fits best.
The application contains its own built-in browser, so you can navigate fast from links in tweets and back.

EStrongs File Explorer

A File Explorer can’t be missed on an Android phone.
ES File Explorer enables you to explore all folders on your phone’s sd card and you can open, copy and delete files.
The big difference with the most other applications is that you can also explore Windows shares with this one.
It is also possible to copy files between Windows shares and the sd card.