Monthly Archives: May 2010

Visual studio Tip #5: “Surround with…” in ASP.NET 4.0

As an ASP.NET developer, you certainly found yourself in the following situation. You have a number of mark-up elements in your page which should be hidden/updated/… all at once. The solution is to put them in a panel or updatepanel. In previous versions of Visual Studio you had to manually type the tags to surround […]

Visual studio tip #4: Generate method stub in VB.NET 2010

I am not a big fan of VB.NET, but for some reasons I will not explain in this post, I have to code in it (lucky me 🙂 ). Microsoft is always claiming that C# and VB.NET are equally evolving, but some changes only appear in VB.NET one or more releases after they have been […]

Office 2010: choose your default open standard

Where Office 2007 introduced Microsoft’s new Open XML format, Office 2010 (which RTM’d last week) goes even further in its support for open standards. When you first open an application from the Office 2010 suite: the following window appears: Microsoft definitely adds more flexibility with this feature, enabling Open Office users to open their ODF […]