Teched 09: Day #2 part 2

Microsoft Tech.Ed just asked a lot of a human body, leaving mine sick at home for a whole week. I finally found some time to complete the rest of my report on this big event. Tips and Tricks for Building High Performance Web Applications and Sites (Giorgio Sardo) The title of this session covers the […]

Teched 09: Day #3

Just a short blog post for now about day 3 on TechEd in Berlin. UPDATE: some more details on the sessions added! Sessions from today: Windows Identity Foundation Overview (Vittorio Bertocci) Integrating application autorization with other platforms, Active Directory,… requires a lot of API’s. Windows Identity Foundation (abbreviation WIF?) ables a developer to rely on […]

Teched 09: Day #2 part 1

Sessions for today: The new dynamics of Business Intelligence (Donald Farmer) As a developer this session doesn’t really look interesting, but on my organization BI becomes more and more important. I’m glad I followed this session, because Donald Farmer is a great speaker in the first place. He can entertain his public perfectly by using metaphors […]

Teched 09: Day #1

My first day in Berlin was really exciting. The registration went quite well and after receiving my goodie bag (which has some odd colours), I was ready for my first session ever at TechEd: The Windows Azure Platform: When and Why to use it? (David Chapell) I previously planned another session, but a colleague said […]

ASP.NET Ajax AsyncFileUpload: some thoughts

The latest release of the ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit (30930) now contains an AsyncFileUpload control. The big advantage of this control is that you can upload files without a full page refresh (as in the original FileUpload control), showing the users direct feedback on the page. I wanted to use the new control to let […]

This is it: my TechEd Europe session schedule

After making some really hard choices, I finally finished my schedule for Microsoft Tech.Ed Europe 2009. As a developer I’ve obviously chosen a lot of sessions in the development track. This schedule shouldn’t be definitive, but it is a good draft. Monday, 9 November 9:00 – 10:15 DEV305 ADO.NET Entity Framework in Microsoft Visual Studio […]

Starting my blog engines!

Today, November 1st,  Christians from all over the world remember the death of  their loved ones, but today I celebrate the birth of my new blog. On this blog you will find technical articles about Microsoft’s .NET Technology, Google Android and other technologies that are interesting for me to share. My first series of  blog […]