Visual Studio

How to mess up Visual Studio intellisense: a recipe

The next blog post is just a fun post which shows how you can totally mess up the intellisense in Visual Studio. Result So what do we want to achieve in this recipe? Have you ever seen your intellisense displaying a list like this one? No, dear reader, you are not drunk: FirstName and LastName […]

Visual studio Tip #5: “Surround with…” in ASP.NET 4.0

As an ASP.NET developer, you certainly found yourself in the following situation. You have a number of mark-up elements in your page which should be hidden/updated/… all at once. The solution is to put them in a panel or updatepanel. In previous versions of Visual Studio you had to manually type the tags to surround […]

Visual studio tip #4: Generate method stub in VB.NET 2010

I am not a big fan of VB.NET, but for some reasons I will not explain in this post, I have to code in it (lucky me 🙂 ). Microsoft is always claiming that C# and VB.NET are equally evolving, but some changes only appear in VB.NET one or more releases after they have been […]

No Business Intelligence Development Studio in Visual Studio 2010 (yet?)

As a developer I am pleased with the new Visual Studio 2010 release. Lots of features were added and the editor looks more tight and solid than its predecessors. BI people still have to wait to taste the Visual Studio 2010 candy. SQL Server 2008 only ships the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) for Visual […]

Visual Studio tip #3: hide splash screen

Splash screens are beautiful, at least that’s wat Microsoft thinks about it. I must say, splash screens are just annoying and they slow down the startup of Visual Studio and other programs. But, there is a way to skip the splash screen part in Visual Studio. Most of  the Visual Studio developers launch their favorite […]

Visual studio tip #2: Go to line

Another useful shortcut for the Visual Studio editor is CTRL + G. This key combination enables you to quickly navigate to a specific line in your code file. So there is no need to keep on scrolling until you reach the correct line!

Visual studio tip #1: format document

It has been a while since my last post on this blog, but now I’m back. I will try to share some small Visual Studio tips on a regular basis, starting from now on. A useful feature in Visual Studio is the format document option, which you will find in the menu Edit -> Advanced […]